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Ology superstar, Mahli, recently headed over to Barcelona with her mum to shoot a huge new Starbucks campaign. Read her account of the experience below and take a look at the short video blog!

It was a very quick turnaround for this self-tape, and it came on a day when we already had plans, so mum picked me up from school an hour early to make sure we got it done in time. After a recall, where my American accent was put to the test, I was finally confirmed! I was so excited. It took lots of work to get all the information and permissions for the international licence.


For the first time ever, we flew Business Class with British Airways so we got to relax in their lounge at the airport and have breakfast. Mum loved it!

On arrival in Barcelona, we were taken straight to a huge wardrobe department,  where I tried on at least 10 outfits to see which one most suited me.


I met my screen mum who looked more like me than my real mum. She had flown all the way from Vancouver. She was very pretty and good fun. 

We stayed in a beautiful hotel in the centre of Barcelona. The next day we had some free time so we explored the city and went to see the magnificent Sagrada Familia. We walked and walked, I think Mum was trying to tire me out so that I would go to bed early in preparation for the shoot the next day…… her plan worked!


On shoot day, we were picked up super early. I was excited and not nervous at all. First I went to hair and makeup, which didn’t take long at all because they loved my big hair and didn’t need to change it.

Although we knew that my scene would be shot in an airport, we couldn’t have imagined that it would have been made just for this commercial. It was so real, with check in desks and moving walkways.


There were lots of extras dressed as airline crew, pilots and holidaymakers. There were no other children on set so everyone made me feel very special. The shoot took around 6 hours and I loved every minute of it. 


Afterwards, we all ate dinner together and everyone gave me a round of applause for doing so well.

The commercial will air in USA and Canada, so my American family will be very excited to see me on their TV!

Mahli, age 6. 

Take a look at the final commercial below!

Take a look at the final campaign at:

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