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Class Dismissed – NEW SERIES! – Marlis Robson


Class Dismissed – NEW SERIES! – Marlis Robson

Ology superstar Marlis is one of the leads in the new series of CBBC’s Class Dismissed – take a look at the new series here and read Marlis’ exclusive blog article about the filming below!

It still fills me with excitement to think I spent my summer holidays filming Classed Dismissed Series 6! Now it’s ready for release on CBBC and BBC iPlayer!

After several rounds of auditions, I got the part of a Year 7 in this fabulous mockumentary/ kids’ comedy drama, set in the fictitious Quayside Academy. Auditions were fun but intense –it was a show I absolutely LOVED and there I was with a chance to be in it. I tried really, really hard just hoping my dreams would come true, and when they did, I felt on top of the world. As summer grew closer, emails and meetings continued, I couldn’t wait to hit the set as ‘Grace’ – but something else hit first – Covid! I lost a week of filming and thought my dreams had been stolen… along with some of my lines, sob!

Isolation eventually passed and soon enough I met my new ‘classmates’ in person, and was wearing my first ever secondary school uniform. In my red tank-top and first ever blazer and tie, I felt fantastic. WOW! I was filming with the BFFs (you will love these characters) and at the same time we, the kids, were becoming BFFs too.

In the weeks we were filming, the Year 7 cast did everything together – we lived in a hotel with our chaperoning parents. We got up and had breakfast together;  drove to set; worked together; played together; ate together; and after a long day we would drive back to the hotel waving at each other form car to car; change out of costume in 5 minutes flat and go out to dinner together. We’d learn our lines for the next day whilst out!

This slapstick comedy is full of surprises – prepare to see me get all sorts thrown at me, literally! 

I’ve made friends for life and can’t wait to watch the finished product – 10 juicy episodes to enjoy!

I know everyone says it but never give up because you never know just what might happen.

Best wishes, 


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