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Ology superstars Amber and Eden recorded a commercial for Lego Ninjago City Adventure – below is their accounts of the day!


“I was sooooo excited to be shooting for Lego. I LOVE Lego so couldn’t wait to get on set.

We set off really early to drive to the Legoland discovery in Manchester.

When we arrived we were taken upstairs, we went through a room filled with all things Lego.

My main scene was later in the day but I was going to be an extra too.

I was taken through to wardrobe and hair almost straight away. In went the pigtails and then on went the dungarees. I was so ready.

We went to the 4D cinema and we had to wear big glasses. The film was brilliant and I tried to reach out and grab things as they looked so close to me. At one point I screamed because something came out of the screen so close to my face. At the end, water fell on us like rain!

After the cinema we filmed on a ride. We had to pedal to make our carriage go really high. My mum joined me but she felt dizzy, I went on quite a few times!

We had lunch from a van outside it was really nice – we had a break and juice and biscuits.

My scene was up now.

I was ‘giant’ girl. I had to look through big Lego skyscrapers windows and look around a Lego city from above. I was peering down little Lego streets and looking at all the little houses and boats.

I actually felt like a giant because everything was so small. I WAS giant girl.  I loved it – the city looked so small, I could see little Lego people in houses and could see Lego people inside the skyscrapers and they made me smile.

I made the city light up at the end by pressing a button, the skyscraper lit up and the city came to life!

The last shoot of the day had me running around in the background. I was tired out after this scene. My legs hurt!

I had the BEST day ever shooting my Lego advert. I want to do it again!!”

– Amber – age 9


“One super excited little boy got in the car at 6.30am on the day of the shoot to set off to The Legoland Discovery Centre at The Intu Trafford Centre for a full day of filming. I asked Eden how he was feeling, “nervous but very excited ” he replied.

We arrived in plenty of time and were offered breakfast, Eden managed a bacon sandwich despite having already eaten at home!

After meeting the director, who we had met at the casting, and being introduced to other members of crew, Eden started to relax. He was introduced to his screen Mum, Dad, and big sister who he was to be filming with for the day. Everyone was so lovely.

After a quick trip to wardrobe, outfits sorted, it was time to start on the first scene…to watch a 4D film in the Legoland cinema! Not a bad start to the day!

As his mum I ended up in the cinema being filmed in the background too! Although Eden said I should sit at the back!…cheeky monkey!

The film was lots of fun, getting sprayed with water when it was raining, and snow falling on us, Eden laughed a lot and his screen Dad really took care of him and guided him.

After a quick break Eden recorded his voiceover line with the director and the sound man, who had an enormous microphone, which he said was his furry friend!

Then it was onto the next scene which involved having lots of fun on one of the rides! Eden went round and round lots of times! He smiled the whole time, taking direction from the 1st assistant director, he loved it!

The last scene involved building a Lego car with his screen family and racing the car against his sister’s down the big ramps. Oooh it’s a tough life being a 6 year old actor!

After something to eat – Eden chose 5 sausages and a pancake (well it was pancake day) there was time for a play in all the lego.

As the 1st assistant director walked past us at lunch, Eden stopped him and said “please can I do some more acting?”

“Would you like to do some more?” he relied.
“Yes please” he said. He whispered to me “I don’t want to go home yet.”

So Eden managed to sneak into another scene and play some more!

Finally, it really was time to go.

Eden said goodbye to everyone and the lovely director told him he had been amazing and done very very well.

We left, with one happy boy, who fell asleep in the car in record time as we set off home.

Eden said it had been “awesome!”

Thank you Ology, today we made memories to last forever. And Eden has some great stories to tell his friends at school tomorrow!”

– Eden’s mum

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