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Ology superstar Matthew recently spent almost a week at Disneyland Paris shooting their brand new commercial for their 25th Anniversary. Matthew has detailed his experience below!

‘Mum and I got to go on the Eurostar from London to Paris, it took us right to the gates of Disney. We were on the train with some of the cast and one of the directors, Charlie. 

When we arrived we did wardrobe and learnt a new dance for a piece in the ad. I had a new on-screen family: mum, dad, older brother and his girlfriend and a younger sister. There were French and American Disney clients and they decided I would be dressed as Spider-Man for most of the filming!

I got to film with Spider-Man and Captain America. We also did some stills shoots in different areas of the park. I had to crawl along the floor with Spider-Man and we had a whole crowd of people watching us film and wanting our autographs. Spider-Man is one of my favourite superheroes so this was definitely one of my best bits of the whole shoot! It was cold but they got me my own red Spider-Man blanket to keep warm. 

For lunch, we went to the Plaza Gardens in the Disney park where there were lots of different foods and Disney puddings, it was brill! 

In the afternoon, we filmed the dance sequence we had learnt at wardrobe. It was with Star Lord and other characters from ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. It was lots of fun as we got to jump around and just have a great time.

We went on a ride called “It’s a Small World”, I really liked it as we tried to guess which country we were in. We went round about 8 times and by then we had ALL definitely had enough of the song, it was stuck in our heads all day!!! 

We then went and had breakfast with Mickey Mouse. This was one of the best bits ever. We had photos and recorded part of the commercial. I got to high five Mickey and got lots of photos with him. 

We had some photos done as a family in front of the castle. Then we went into one of the Disney shops to film and take some stills. It was supposed to be mum and older brother but the directors wanted me to try it with mum. They really liked my range of expressions and my character so they filmed it with me first. They decided they liked it with me in it and I now had the shot. Yes! 

After this we watched the parade. It was AMAZING!!! We had our own little V.I.P. area to watch the parade so we felt very special. 

All the Disney characters came past us waving and dancing. There is a HUGE dragon that breathed fire out of his mouth it was WOW!

We had most of the day free as we were filming late that day. Mum and I went round the parks on some rides and watched Mickey and the magician show, we really enjoyed it. 

Then we were filming in the Disneyland Hotel which overlooks the park. We were in the Cinderella suite and it was a beautiful place to film.

We had to sit around looking bored and I had to do some balancing on the back of the couch shooting spider webs out my hands.
Then the fireworks started and we all had to rush to the window where we had the perfect view of the whole firework show. 

All the cast, crew and clients cheered and hugged when we completed the filming. It was very late so the kids and their mums went to bed but the grown-ups stayed behind for celebratory drinks??!! 

This was my dream job and I was thrilled to be chosen to be part of it. Between all the filming we ate great food, went swimming, went on rides, watched shows and bought presents for my dad and brother and sister back home.
All the cast, crew and clients were amazing to work with, especially hair and makeup who gave me a facial and massage every day and followed me round to keep spiking up my hair – and to Emma who made sure we were on time everywhere!’

– Matthew and Mum

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